Hydro-electric dam

Protect your Hydro-electric dams using Hackproof Web Machines.

A Hackproof Web Machine
Hydro-electric facilities inherently are not secure against cyber attacks. Yet it is essential for cost-effective operation for system control parameter updates to arrive at the facility and for detailed status data to be reported regularly to the Hydro-electric authorities.

The points of vulnerability typically are linked to the Internet either by a hard-wired Ethernet connection to a network Point of Presence (PoP) or exposed via wireless connection, This may be productive; but malicious attacks start here.

Protect the people of your community from malware-induced preventable damage by installing a Hackproof Web Machine Hydro-electric Web Shield between your SCADA local area network and the Internet connection, wired or wireless. This puts a non-penetrable window between the control station and the internet.

Let Hackproof Secure your facility today by using Hackproof Web Machines unique Hardware Solution. To connect with one of the co-founders, email info@hackprooftechnologies.com today. For more detail, Click Here