Oil Refineries

Protect your Oil Refineries using Hackproof Web Machines.

A Hackproof Web Machine
Oil companies work very diligently to protect oil refinery facilities and networks from unauthorized access. Yet all US oil refineries employ Intel, Apple, RISC, AMD, or some equivalent general purpose computing base with Linux, Windows, iOS, or some other general purpose operating system with the related protocol stacks.

The points of vulnerability typically are linked to the Internet either by a hard-wired Ethernet connection to a network Point of Presence (PoP) or exposed via wireless connection, This may be productive; but malicious attacks start here.

Protect the people of you're the USA from the disaster of malware-induced preventable damage to one or more US oil refineries by installing a Hackproof Web Machine Oil Refinery facility Web Shield between the enterprise local area network and the Internet connections, wired and wireless. This puts a non-penetrable window between the refinery and the internet.

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