Communications Equipment

Protect your Communications Equipment using Hackproof Machines.

A Hackproof Web Machine
Will you be the first major telecommunications company to suffer a massive network outage because someone hacked your core network via you radio access network (RAN)?

Many enterprises are attacked, held hostage, and taken down by what NIST terms the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) the new corporate network malware. The wireless service provider needs to keep millions of clients connected in spite of APTs, particularly for enterprise clients via smart phones, laptops, corporate workstations and in extremis, telecommuting from home.

During the Cold War, the US Government created the Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) so that the President could communicate with the people of the United States during a nuclear war when most communications would be shut down. The Cyber MEECN for the Wireless Service Provider enables the wireless service provider to keep RAN and core network functions operating during and through cyber attacks perpetrated by APTs.

Hackproof Web Machines withstand the most determined attacks on the global, national, corporate, and local Internet infrastructure.

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