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Can't be Hacked

Welcome to Hackproof Technologies Inc
Home of the World’s First and Only Hackproof Website

A Hackproof Web Machine ®

This Website Can Not be Hacked! Take the Challenge!!!
This Hackproof Web Machine has been attacked since 15 May 2014 by some of the best Black Hats on the planet as well as many unidentified global hackers with zero success in "unauthorized remote modification of the contents" of this site, proving that this is the first truly Hackproof web site on the planet.

Hackproof includes the fact that this site cannot be infected with somebody else's malware for drive-by hackings and probe all you want, you will find no malware on this site.

Until Hackproof Web Machines, such breaches were impossible to stop permanently costing the victims tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in direct costs and billions in loss of market capital and market share. One could "raise the bar" but could not permanently shut the door.

This Website is proof that our Hackproof Web Machines technology works. These are the kinds of devices and applications that get hacked and the risk is huge to national security, commercial infrastructure, personal data, banking systems. Our products and tools have sufficient functionality for sophisticated operations. There is one sure fire way to put a stop to your systems being hacked - Go Hackproof!

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